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Traumatology can be defined as a sub-branch that deals with treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases caused by hits, impacts, falls and traffic accidents that are frequently encountered especially in our country. Fractures do not always develop after trauma.  Injuries of the structures such as muscle-tendon-ligaments, that are generally called soft tissue injuries, are repaired and treated by the department of Traumatology.

Orthopaedic Traumatology is a subspecialty field of orthopaedic surgery with a primary focus on the management of broken bones (fractures) and problems that develop after fractures occur. Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeons are specialized surgeons whose expertise lies in the management of simple fractures and complex musculoskeletal injuries, including pelvic and acetabular reconstruction, peri-articular fractures (fractures around joints), limb deformity correction, bone infections, and the treatment of fractures that do not heal (nonunions) or those that heal incorrectly (malunions). Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeons are experienced in the care of patients who are critically- or multiply-injured, and in the surgical and non-surgical treatment of fractures which are complicated by associated injuries.

Our Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeons offer comprehensive management of simple and complex fractures for patients. Their training and experience brings the latest technology and cutting-edge techniques to the patients. Through their surgical expertise and personalized care, our Trauma Surgeons are dedicated to providing the highest level of care in the region, and seeing their patients’ course through, from the time of the injury to the day their patients walk out of clinic.

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