Ayhan Tufan MD Specialist

Internal Medicine

I was born in Adana in 1980. After graduating from Cumhuriyet Science High School, I got into Istanbul University’s Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine. I completed my specialization training at Istanbul Sisli Etfal Training and Research Hospital and earned the title of internal medicine specialist.

I completed my mandatory service at Mardin Midyat Ortaca Health Center. Following the completion of my Internal Medicine specialization, I started working as an Internal Medicine specialist at Sanliurfa Ceylanpinar State Hospital. After that, I started working at the Private Acibadem Fulya Hospital in 2013. After working for 9 years, I started working at different private hospitals. I also worked as an Internal Medicine specialist at Istanbul Training and Research Hospital for 7 years.
Later on, I continued my work as a workplace physician for Domino JHSU Occupational Health and Safety Services for 6 years. Then, I worked at the Private Acibadem Maslak Hospital for 5 years, and after that, I started to work as an Internal Medicine specialist in the Private Eren Hospital in May 2022.
My Publications and Articles;
Approach to the Regulation of Glycemia in a Patient with Diabetic Gastroparesis (Science of Diabetes, Literature) (Article) [May 2008]
The Role of Decreased Mean Platelet Volume in Patients with Colorectal Cancer in Decreasing Risk of Emboli as a Novel Plausible Indicator of The Disease ( Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology -00279-2012 )
Prognostic value of increased B type natriuretic peptide in cases with Acute Pancreatitis ( European Journal of İnternal Medicine 2012 )
Decreased MPV as a Novel plausible indicator of the disease in patients with Colorectal Cancer ( Turkish Journal of Hematology- 2013-0036 )
Seminars and Courses I Attended;
• Symposium on Metabolic Syndrome
• Istanbul Faculty of Medicine Internal Medicine Days
• National Internal Medicine Congress
• World Congress of Insulin Resistance Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease
• World Congress of Internal Medicine


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