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Our orthopaedic specialists at Eren Hospital are experts in the full range of orthopaedic procedures. These orthopaedic doctors must meet strict criteria regarding experience and training – including orthopaedic surgeons that are board certified in orthopaedics and have obtained sub-specialty fellowship training. This specialized training allows us to deliver better results for our patients.

Care About All Clients

Eren Hospital provides a 24-hour comprehensive medical care and trauma treatment with physicians specializing in advanced  critical care and non-critical care for adult and paediatric patients.

Communication With Patients

We have certificates that prove a high quality health services.


Have some Questions?

We work according to the rule of 24 hours 7 days a week.

Before making an appointment with our physicians, please call +90 216 575 58 77.

What you have done before; If you have examination, MRI, x-ray, you can send an e-mail from our e-mail address

Your prescriptions are written only by the physician.

Traumatology can be defined as a sub-branch that deals with treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases caused by hits, impacts, falls and traffic accidents that are frequently encountered especially in our country. Fractures do not always develop after trauma.  Injuries of the structures such as muscle-tendon-ligaments, that are generally called soft tissue injuries, are repaired and treated by the department of Traumatology.

Our aim is to always work for the comfort and convenience of all our patients. To provide them with a comfortable health service from the moment they come to our hospital.

You can use vitamins and supplements that our physicians deem appropriate.

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