Adult Reconstruction (Arthroplasty)

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Adult Reconstruction (Arthroplasty)

Adult Reconstruction (Arthroplasty)


Our team is centered around the care of the patients and restoring their quality of life, and helping them maintain an active lifestyle. Joint replacement (Arthroplasty) is a big decision and there are many different methods and new procedures that are now available. Joint replacement surgery entails replacing a severely diseased joint, most commonly the hip or knee, with an artificial implant.

Our physicians first will provide treatments to preserve the patient’s own joint. If unsuccessful and your pain and disability are too great, our surgeons will provide the latest technologies and techniques to provide you with customized patient care. 

Arthroplasty can be shortly defined as joint replacement surgery that is performed with prosthesis. Prostheses are used in the treatment of cartilage degeneration that appears after the age of 40 in average or secondarily to any previous trauma. The prostheses replace the joints impaired. However, these prostheses should not be confused with the prostheses used to provide an appearance and function after any loss of a part of the body (amputation). For instance, the devices used externally to provide walking in a case of amputation of the leg are also called prosthesis. After the arthoplasty surgeries, the patient’s joint pain is removed and her/his mobility is increased. The prostheses can be permanent up to 15-20 years. We are a referral center and our physicians are often sought out to provide care for the most complicated cases.

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